What makes Playstream different?

We help publishers connect to hundreds of story tellers in a single click! At Playstream, we think differently. We are a young motivated team committed to connecting brands/content creators to the right audience through innovative video channels.

We learn quickly, evolve constantly and innovate every day. We praise creativity and authenticity. We believe that equality in the workplace drives progress and that the sum of our parts are the glue to our whole.
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Who We Are

Playstream is a premium viewable advertising marketplace that has been effectively connecting brands to relevant audiences. Over 70+ DSPs, brands, agencies have trusted PlayStream already and benefited from a premium reach inventory, contextually relevant, brand safe and high impact advertising stream at a competitive costing models.


What We Do

We create a new inventory of fully monetized video placements. Our video formats engages your audience across all screens with the right videos at the right time and in the right place to improve their experience, your average page time and maximize RPMs.


How We Do It

Our platform platform allows multiple marketplaces, brands, agencies and creators to bid on a single platform for every ad impression. Choose formats you want to run from our large pool of high impact video formats in a single click.

Short Story About Our Company


Playstream - A venture of Adsolut Media was established to enable Video tech & Content to SMB Publishers.


Introduced unique ad formats & Partnership with 100+ publishers serving monthly 150 million+ ads.


Crossed 5 billion video ads in 300 Days of Launch & Playstream partners with Enterprise Level Publishers in India on Inread video format Brand safety initiative with Fraudlogix and Forensiq - the two MRC accredited brand safety solution.


Live on 300+ websites, serving 800 million+ monthly ads.

Meet Our Professional Team

team member
Finance Manager
Nimisha Jain
team member
Tech Lead
Varun Varde
team member
Business Development Head
Arva Jabalpurwala
team member
Kush Rohra
team member
Director Of Business Development
Rohit Sharma
team member
Business Development Head
Maanav Chhetija
team member
Playsream Product & Marketing Head
Erav Patel
team member
Business Development Head
Darvesh Bhatia