Highly attractive for brands and advertisers!

Slider ad offers 100% Viewability across Mobile Web & Desktop. This ad formats appears at the bottom corner of the screen; it moves along with the page as the user scrolls down and settles to the bottom corner when the scrolling stops.
This ad format is incredibly popular, due in large part to its high clickthrough rate. Brands love CTR so expect higher revenues!
Access to Premium Content Library
Playstream has partnered with 100+ Content Creators to help SME Publishers enable Video Content + Monetization.
Powerful demand sources
Get access to Playstream Video Marketplace having demand for audience across the world. Proven to improve overall video ad revenue yield at least 40% for some of the biggest publishers.

The secret to how publishers earn more from their ad inventory

Perfect mix of demand stack is the secret to efficient ad monetization. With our ad monetization, publishers can sit back and do what they are best at- Creating engaging Content!
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About Slider format

A Slider Ad is displayed at the bottom corner of the page. It is animated, giving a “sliding’ effect on appearance and disappearance. This format not only creates high impact ad space but also increases user time on site.
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NET 28 Payments

One of the fastest paying Video platforms. We pay our publishers at NET 28, always!

Free Content Library

SME Publishers can avail Playstream content library with videos across all genres.

Choose as you go

Our format is completely customisable. Thus, design it the way you want to!

Dedicated Account Managers

Our Account Managers are always available to help you optimise, suggest and boost your ad revenues!.

HLS Streaming

Playstream uses HLS streaming to have Zero Latency and deliver a perfect video content delivery platform.

Trusted by premium publishers

Some of the worlds biggest publishers trust Playstream for Video Monetization.


Beautiful Design and Comfortable User Interface

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